Machine Model Description

Описание модели машины:

Arithmetic operations:
add [ |p1] add r1=r2,r3
sub [ |p1] sub r1=r2,r3

Logical operations:
and [ |p1] and r1=r2,r3
or [ |p1] or
xor [ |p1] xor
shl [ |p1] shl
shr [ |p1] shr

Branch operations:
br [ |p1] br[.type] target
cmp [ |p1] cmp p1,p2=r1,r2

Memory operations:
ld [ |p1] ld r2=[r1][ |,sign]
st [ |p1] st [r1]=r2[ |,sign]

Register operations:
mov [ |p1] mov r1=r2

Operand types:
1. CMemOpnd [r1]
2. CRegOpnd r1
3. CVarOpnd 5
4. CPredOpnd p1
5. CLabelOpnd L1
6. CSignOpnd -/+

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